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Effective Dispute Resolution

There is ample room for disputes to form where there is disagreement about legal matters. Through my practice at Kurt A. Schmid, LLC, I advocate for clients’ interests throughout the St. Louis metro area. My personalized approach helps facilitate solutions so clients can move on to property conveyances and full administration of estates.

Moving Beyond Conflict Over Estates

It is not uncommon for disputes to arise during the probate of an estate or the administration of a trust. I am committed to helping you understand the implications of a contested will or trust, informing you of your rights and opportunities for resolution. Probate and estate litigation may be necessary to achieve your goals for settling the dispute.

Taking A Detailed Approach With Property Disputes

Disputes over property issues can delay sales of real estate and take up valuable time and energy. I can use legal actions to pursue positive outcomes in situations such as:

  • Easement issues and survey problems
  • Boundary disputes and encroachments
  • Quiet title actions and partition lawsuits
  • Condominium issues

Call Kurt A. Schmid, LLC Today

Disputes are stressful and cost time and money. Let me help you overcome your legal issues so you can move on with business and your life. Give me a call at 314-626-9803 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation about your legal problem.